​​Better Presentations for Real Estate !

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In a highly competitive environment it is important to make a positive first impression.

Smart realtors recognize that a well-presented  Market Analysis can be critical in differentiating their company and securing a listing.

We speak of “curb appeal” and acknowledge the value of “staging” to present the home in the most favorable light. 

Likewise, the quality of the package presented to a customer at an open house, or the package given to a prospective listing client can make a big difference. That's why we offer Realtors the best possible presentation materials from all the major resources.

At Thermobind, we specialize in the  best in presentation options for realtor professionals in every market both commercial and residential, large or small. Our customization options  include everything from foil-stamped logos to one to four color and  full color offset printing. 

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Professional Smart Looking Selling Tools !

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ThermoBind Customization Options

Soft Cover Thermal  Pocket Folder with your choice of business card holders and printing options such as foil stamping, and embossing, one to four color printing with or without glue strip for custom presentations.  

Hard Cover Thermal Books with glue strips for individual presentations.  Can be foil stamped, embossed, silk screened or one to four color or offset printed.   Many different surfaces and colors.